puma-lc23-backdoor-r698-01-streetwearbabepuma-lc23-backdoor-r698-03-streetwearbabe  puma-lc23-backdoor-r698-02-streetwearbabe

Italian fashion label LC23 has announced its new partnership with Puma and BackDoor store for the launch of a new model of the must R698. An entirely made in Italy sneaker with white leather lining and blue pastel fabric that fits perfectly to the sole white speckled red Trinomic on the back. A beautiful piece to add to your collections.  The PUMA “Made in Italy” R698 is already available exclusively at BACKDOOR Italy, and will be available through PUMA global lifestyle stores starting July 24th.

Beastin x Garfield Collaboration

bstn-garfield-lookbook-streetwearbabe-1 bstn-garfield-lookbook-streetwearbabe-2 bstn-garfield-lookbook-streetwearbabe-3

The new collection of Beastin has a super cool guest we all know “Garfield”. The brand based in Munich “Beastin” has chosen  him as the face of its time Spring / Summer collection. Cartoon characters, became a safe bet to seduce lovers of streetwear, as Kermit Muppets for Supreme. Mission accomplished for Beastin, we love it ! Available on beastin official website:

bstn-garfield-lookbook-streetwearbabe-4 bstn-garfield-lookbook-streetwearbabe-5

Nike Wmns Air Max 95 Ultra in Two New Colorways for Women


nikes-air-max-95-ultra-new-colorways-011-streetwearbabe nikes-air-max-95-ultra-new-colorways-022-streetwearbabe

nike-wmns-air-max-95-ultra-749212-001-drkgry-ttlorn-95-modernized-streetwearbabe nike-wmns-air-max-95-ultra-749212-100-white-crystal-20th-year-celebration-model-streetwearbabe

Nike women’s Ultra edition arrives in two new colorways. Made for the 20th anniversary of the iconic original. This new variation has a sleeker, lighter design and plush cushioning. The upper has an added one pieces overly with mesh on top for breathability. The Air Max 95 model has been imagined in two summery color schemes, including white/crystal and dark gray/orange versions. Available at Caliroots  !


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Seoul-based fashion label O!OI is about to make those time-consuming situations history with it’s brand new Spring/Summer collection ‘Your Morning’. The streetwear brand based in Seoul that aims to boast the noisy design and quick-witted, get new concepts to suit each season. The brand trying to become one that dazzles the eyes of those who put on the design, in turn, drawing their attention curiosity coveting their collections. Launched in 2011 by Ye Seul Jung, We can’t wait for another of her girl-ish dealing with sport-ish aventures!


Jade Purple Brown

IMG_3667-Editjade_9-557a719151e0e-streetwearbabe jade_5-557a71b79fedc-streetwearbabejade_10-557a718360a0e-streetwearbabe

Jade Purple Brown is a brillant Art Director/Graphic Designer based in Chicago. She specializes in brand image and graphic design for fashion, music, and art based brands. The young Art Director uses an unique mixture of vibrant colors, textures, geometric patterns in her digital artworks. The 1970’s playful embellishment and radical experimentation plays a big role in her work. You can also see her fashion background in a lot of designs well. We are definitely obsessed with it !


Check out Jade’s work over at

Photo credit: Carpe Momentum Media (

NOTE: Jade will be participating in Diaspora: The Art of Blackness exhibit Friday, July 10th, 2015 from 7-10pm at Harrington College of design in Chicago. Invited artist are encourages to use their medium of choice to depict their interpretation of the Black Experience in America. Jade will be showing a digital series called “Don’t Let Them Turn Your Color to Black or White”. It explores the human struggle between the inward experience, and the outward appearance.